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About us

As a leading independent travel and Tour company, Sakar Tours, is committed to providing clients with access to the widest possible choice of  reliable,  high quality  travel and tour services at the best possible prices. We started our journey ten years back since no looking back.

To make sure that our discerning clientele are completely satisfied with the service they receive and to ensure that the guided tours we offer  meet our  own  strict  criteria with regard to  reliability, comfort and  affordability, we  have  developed  a  comprehensive  Tour programme   that  offers  something   for   everyone   whatever  their interests and preferences.

Discover the surprising hospitality across INDIA— the land of variety and diversity. From GOD'S own country in the mountains of Himachal, to the alluring Rajasthan deserts... From the land of magical sunrise in Kerala to the sun swept beaches of Goa... There is a whole world waiting to be enjoyed.

So when you think of travel, just think SAKAR